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GCN Circular 2466

GRB 031203: IR REM Observations
2003-12-04T13:28:06Z (21 years ago)
Gianpiero Tagliaferri at OAB-INAF <>
GRB 031203: IR REM Observations

F.M.Zerbi, G.Chincarini,  S. Covino, E. Molinari, A. Di Paola, D. 
Fugazza, V. Testa,
M. Rodono', L.A. Antonelli,  P. Conconi, G. Cutispoto, L. Nicastro, G. 
L. Burderi, S. Campana, C. Campeggi, G. Crimi, R. Cunniffe, J. Danzinger,
A. Fernandez-Soto, F. Fiore,  F. Frontera, G. Gentile, G. Ghisellini,
P. Goldoni, G. Israel, B. Jordan, D. Lazzati, D. Lorenzetti,  D. Malesani,
E. Martinetti, N. Masetti, R. Mazzoleni, B. Mc Breen, A. Melandri, S. 
E. Meurs, A. Monfardini, G. Nucciarelli, M. Orlandini, J. Paul, E. 
Palazzi, E. Pian,
P. Saracco, S. Sardone, A. Simoncelli, M. Stefanon, L. Stella, L. 
M. Tavani, G. Tosti, S. Vergani, F. Vitali.

The REM telescope, currently in commissioning phase, observed the field 
of the
INTEGRAL GRB 031203 starting at 4 December 04h15m UT in J, H and Ks filters.
Observation in the visible band with ROSS spectrograph were not possible at
this stage for technical reasons.

We found an object not present in the 2MASS catalog in the S1 XMM-Newton
 error box (GCN #2464). This object is found in the H and Ks images
(approximate magnitudes H=14.9 +/- 0.2, Ks=13.4 +/- 0.2) and not in the
J image (J upper limit 16.5). Note that this object would
have been detected in the 2MASS H and K filters.

The transient is nearby (~5") to another weak object already
present in the 2MASS. The coordinates of the transient are (J2000):
R.A. = 08h 02m 29.7s  Dec. = -39deg 51' 09.5". At this stage of
reduction the position error is expected to be of the order of 1".

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