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GCN Circular 24832

GRB 190613B: Optical observation from Asiago Schmidt
2019-06-14T15:13:45Z (5 years ago)
Sheng Yang at OAPD, INAF <>
S. Yang, L. Tomasella, E. Cappellaro (OAPD, INAF) and N. Khetan (GSSI, L'Aquila)

Using the 0.92m Asiago Schmidt telescope, we observed the field of GRB 190613B 11.954 h after the burst (D���Ai et al. GCN 24807)  in g, r and i.
We detected a source consistent with the optical and X-ray afterglow (Burgess et al. GCN 24808, Beardmore et al. GCN 24812, Bissaldi et al. GCN 24814, Marshall et al. GCN 24817, Zheng & Filippenko GCN 24818, Ukwatta et al. GCN 24820, Page et al. GCN 24823) in g band images while we could only set upper limits in the other bands.
The measured magnitude and 2.5-sigma upper limits are listed below:

Filter	T_start			T_stop			JD_avg		Exp(s)	Mag
g	2019-06-13T22:44:17	2019-06-13T23:02:00	58647.95239	180*5	21.40 +/- 0.30
r	2019-06-13T23:02:14	2019-06-13T23:20:00	58647.96488	180*5	> 20.1
i	2019-06-13T23:23:32	2019-06-13T23:34:38	58647.97735	180*5	> 20.4
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