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GCN Circular 2490

GRB031203, improved XMM position
2003-12-17T16:21:23Z (20 years ago)
Darach Watson at U.of Copenhagen <>
J. A. Tedds (University of Leicester), D. Watson (University of
Copenhagen), M. G. Watson, J. Osborne, A. Levan, P.T. O'Brien, S. Vaughan,
R.  Willingale (University of Leicester) and J. N. Reeves (NASA-GSFC)

The XMM-Newton EPIC coordinates were refined by matching the X-ray sources
in the field to the USNO-A2 catalogue.  The cross-correlation is extremely
good thanks to the long, clean exposure and yields a final source position
(J2000) for the X-ray afterglow (the fading source, S1, GCN 2477) of

RA: 08:02:30.190, Dec: -39:51:04.05

The 1 sigma error radius is 0.7" (including the residual 0.5" systematic
error from the correlation that is observed in the 1XMM catalogue).

This is consistent with the centre of the galaxy (z=0.105) reported by
Hsia et al. (GCN 2470) and by Bloom et al. (GCN 2481) and Prochaska et al.
(GCN 2482) and can be consistent with the radio source reported by Frail
(GCN 2473) if their systematic offset is >~0.5" as suggested by (Soderberg
et al. GCN 2483).
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