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GCN Circular 2689

GRB 040827 - Radio Observations
2004-09-01T17:50:41Z (20 years ago)
Alicia Soderberg at Caltech <>
A. Soderberg (Caltech) and D. Frail (NRAO) report on behalf of
a larger Caltech/NRAO/Carnegie collaboration:

We observed the field of GRB 040827 (GCN 2670) with the
Very Large Array on August 31.98 UT. We do not detect
a radio counterpart to the X-ray/NIR afterglow candidate
(GCNs 2678,2680) and place an upper limit of 70 microJy
(2-sigma) at the position of the NIR transient.

One radio source is detected within the Integral error
circle (GCN 2672), with flux density 240 +- 35 microJy

	RA: 15:16:56.77   Dec: -16:08:56.7 (J2000).

which is likely to be a pre-existing source, based on
the observed number density of radio sources across the
sky and the size of the Integral error circle."
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