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GCN Circular 28721

GRB 201015A: SAO RAS optical observations
2020-10-21T13:48:37Z (4 years ago)
Moskvitin Alexander at SAO RAS <>
A. S. Moskvitin,  V. N. Aitov (SAO RAS)
on behalf of GRB follow-up team report.

We observed the field of the GRB 201015A (D'Elia et al., GCN #28632)
with the 1-m telescope of SAO RAS, Zeiss-1000 + Multi-Mode
Photometer-Polarimeter on October 16, 19:46:23--20:49:31 UT,
t_mid - T0 = 0.89426 days.

The GRB OT (Lipunov et al., GCN #28633; Malesani et al.,
GCN #28637; Ackley et al., GCN #28639; Hu et al., GCN #28645;
de Ugarte Postigo, GCN #28649; Zhu et al., GCN #28653; Belkin et al.,
GCN #28656; Izzo et al., GCN #28661; Marshall & D'Elia, GCN #28662;
Jelinek et al., GCN #28664; Belkin et al., GCN #28673;
Grossan et al., GCN #28674; Rastinejad et al., GCN #28676;
Zhu et al., GCN #28677; Kumar et al, #GCN 28680) is detected
in the stacked image. Preliminary photometry of the OT
is R = 21.69 +/- 0.05 (based on standards from Belkin et al.,
GCNs #28656, #28673).
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