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GCN Circular 36117

GRB 240414A: Photometric observation from 2.2m CAHA
2024-04-15T15:11:19Z (a month ago)
Antonio de Ugarte Postigo at OCA <>
A. de Ugarte Postigo (CNRS, OCA, LAM), J.F. Agui Fernandez (CAHA), C.C. Thoene (ASU-CAS), Y. Calatayud-Borras and S. Gongora (both CAHA) report:

We observed the field of GRB 240414A (Caputo et al. GCN 36083) to obtain photometry of the optical afterglow (Schneider et al. GCN 36084, Dutton et al. GCN 36097, Turpin et al. GCN 36101, Pankov et al. GCN 36113, Siegel et al. GCN 36115) at a redshift of 1.833 (Adami et al. GCN 36085, de Ugarte Postigo et al. GCN 36087). The observation was performed with CAFOS, mounted on the 2.2m Calar Alto Telescope, in Almeria (Spain). Our imaging started at 2024-04-14T23:28:42 UT (21.14 hr after the burst onset) and consisted of 5x200s exposures in each of the g, r, and i bands

The afterglow is well detected in all three bands, and had decayed to r(AB) = 22.11+/-0.18 mag, as compared to field stars of the SDSS. Further observations are scheduled.
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