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GCN Circular 36825

EP240703a: KAIT optical upper limit
2024-07-05T01:45:56Z (14 days ago)
Weikang Zheng at UC Berkeley <>
legacy email
WeiKang Zheng (UCB), Xuhui Han (NAOC), Pinpin Zhang (NAOC) and

Alexei V. Filippenko (UCB) report on behalf of the KAIT GRB team:

The 0.76-m Katzman Automatic Imaging Telescope (KAIT), located at

Lick Observatory, responded to the fast X-ray transient EP240703a

from the Einstein Probe (Wang et al. GCNC 36807) starting at 1.28 days

after the trigger. A set of 30x60s images were obtained in the clear

(roughly R) filters. Preliminary analysis do not reveal any optical

counterpart candidate within the 3 arcmin radius EP-WXT error box

(Wang et al. GCN 36807) neither in single image, nor in the co-add

images, consistent with the reports from Aryan et al. (GCN 36819),

An et al. (GCN 36820), Bochenek & Perley (GCN 36821), Fernandez-Garcia

et al. (GCN 36822) and Volnova et al. (GCN 36824). The typical limiting

magnitude of our single clear image is about 19.0 mag.

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