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GCN Circular 4154

GRB051022: Radio Counterpart
2005-10-24T03:58:57Z (19 years ago)
Patrick B. Cameron at Caltech <>
P. B. Cameron (Caltech) and D. A. Frail (NRAO) report on behalf of the
Caltech-NRAO-Carnegie collaboration:

"We observed the field of GRB 051022 (GCN 4131; GCN 4137) with the Very
Large Array at 8.5 GHz beginning October 24.09 UT. We find a
bright radio source with a flux density of 585 +/- 49 uJy at:

RA(J2000) =  23 56 04.1
DEC(J2000) =  +19 36 24.1

Within our current astrometric errors (of order 1 arcsec) the source is
coincident with Source B (GCN 4143). We intend to refine this position
with further observations.

We note that there is a nearby, extended radio source whose centroid
is located 15 arcsec to the northwest that is also detected in the NVSS
survey (Condon et al. 1998, AJ, 115, 1693). However, the point source
is clearly offset from the centroid of this extended emission and is not
visible in the NVSS. We identify this point source as the likely
afterglow from GRB051022.

The National Radio Astronomy Observatory is a facility of the National
Science Foundation operated under cooperative agreement by Associated
Universities, Inc."
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