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GCN Circulars

GCN Circulars are rapid astronomical bulletins submitted by and distributed to community members worldwide. They are used to share discoveries, observations, quantitative near-term predictions, requests for follow-up observations, or future observing plans related to high-energy, multi-messenger, and variable or transient astrophysical events. See the documentation for help with subscribing to or submitting Circulars.

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  1. GRB 221009A: Late-time JWST Observations and Detection of Supernova Emission
  2. GRB 230307A: INTEGRAL upper limit on Hard X-ray afterglow
  3. GRB 230307A: Swift/BAT upper limits on the early afterglow
  4. Konus-Wind detection of GRB 230307A
  5. GRB 230307A: possibly the second highest GRB energy fluence ever identified
  6. GRB 221009A: Continued Swift Observations
  7. GRB 221009A: radio afterglow detection with the EVN
  8. GRB 221009A: MuSCAT3 observations
  9. Optical polarization observation of GRB 221009A
  10. GRB 221009A:DAMPE observed a 34.7 GeV photon at 1.36 hour after the GBM trigger
  11. GRB 221009A: Japanese VLBI Network observation
  12. Correction to GCN 32646 (GRB 221009A (Swift J1913.1+1946): MeerLICHT observations)
  13. GRB 221009A: GRANDMA/Kilonova-Catcher observations
  14. GRB 221009A: Hubble Space Telescope observations
  15. GRB 221009A: Extended Bad Time Intervals for Fermi LAT data
  16. Correction to GCN 32852 (GRB 221009A: SARA-RM 1m Optical Afterglow Detection)
  17. LIGO-Virgo-KAGRA and GEO600 statement on GRB 221009A
  18. GRB 221009A: Further Gemini-South Infrared Observations
  19. GRB 221009A: SARA-RM 1m Optical Afterglow Detection
  20. GRB 221009A: spectroscopic confirmation of SN in LBT spectra
  21. GRB 221009A: Determination of the black holes mass and spin
  22. GRB 221009A: James Webb Space Telescope Observations
  23. GRB 221009A: Analysis of the initial episode using data of GBM/Fermi and SPI-ACS/INTEGRAL
  24. GRB 221009A: optical observations, SN photometric evidence
  25. GRB 221009A: 1.3m DFOT Optical Observations
  26. GRB221009A: LBT optical imaging
  27. GRB 221009A: Peak luminosity of the supernova vs. synchrotron afterglow
  28. Improved IPN localization for GRB 221009A (BepiColombo-MGNS light curve)
  29. GRB 221009A: TNG NIR detection
  30. GRB 221009A: BOAO NIR detections
  31. GRB 221009A X-ray light-curve and the indication of TeV light-curve
  32. GRB 221009A: Spectroscopic detection of emerging SN features
  33. GRB 221009A: Continued LDT Afterglow Monitoring
  34. GRB 221009A: GRANDMA observations
  35. The probability of observing GRB 221009A at z = 0.151
  36. GRB 221009A: Medicina Radio Telescope observations
  37. GRB 221009A: Second epoch of NuSTAR data
  38. GRB 221009A: A type I BdHN of exceptional energetics
  39. GRB 221009A: Faulkes Telescope North continued optical afterglow follow-up
  40. GRB 221009A: continued Assy optical afterglow observations, possible SN evidence
  41. GRB 221009A: LEIA X-ray Afterglow Detection
  42. GRB 221009A: ATCA radio spectrum
  43. GRB 221009A: VLT spectroscopic detection of the host galaxy
  44. GRB 221009A: ATCA detection
  45. GRB 221009A: Armchair Energetics
  46. GRB 221009A: ALMA and ACA detections
  47. GRB 221009A: Fermi LAT data rate effects due to extremely high flux
  48. GRB 221009A: Large Binocular Telescope Observatory optical afterglow detection
  49. GRB 221009A: Pan-STARRS optical photometry
  50. GRB 221009A: VLA detection
  51. MAXI/GSC refined analysis of the bright X-ray afterglow of GRB 221009A/Swift J1913.1+1946
  52. GRB 221009A: continued REM optical/NIR observations and evidence for an achromatic steepening in the afterglow light curve
  53. GRB 221009A: IXPE preliminary upper limits of X-ray polarization
  54. GRB 221009A: OHP optical observations
  55. GRB 221009A: HEBS detection
  56. GRB 221009A: Gemini-South Infrared Afterglow Detection
  57. GRB221009A: Gemini-South Optical Afterglow Detection
  58. GRB 221009A: a 397.7 GeV photon observed by Fermi-LAT at 0.4 day after the GBM trigger
  59. GRB 221009A: Gamma-ray Detection by SIRI-2
  60. GRB 221009A: search for neutrinos with KM3NeT
  61. GRB 221009A: MeerKAT detection
  62. GRB 221009A: Lowell Discovery Telescope Afterglow Detection
  63. GRB221009A: LCOGT Continued Observations - Optical Upper Limits
  64. GRB 221009A/Swift J1913.1+1946: low-frequency ASKAP observations
  65. GRB 221009A: MITSuME Okayama optical observation
  66. GRB 221009A: Sayan observatory 1.6-m telescope observations
  67. GRB 221009A: GMG observation
  68. GRB 221009A/Swift J1913.1+1946: SMA observations
  69. GRB 221009A: COATLI Continued Monitoring of the Afterglow
  70. GRB 221009A/Swift J1913.1+1946: eMERLIN observations
  71. GRB 221009A: NuSTAR Detection
  72. GRB 221009A: NICER follow-up observations
  73. GRB 221009A: LCOGT Optical Afterglow Detection
  74. GRB 221009A: COATLI Detection of the Afterglow
  75. GRB 221009A: planned observation with the Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer (IXPE)
  76. GRB 221009A (Swift J1913.1+1946): Swift-BAT refined analysis
  77. GRB 221009A: 10.4m GTC spectroscopic redshift confirmation
  78. GRB 221009A: Detection by GRBAlpha
  79. GRB 221009A: Sintez-Newton/CrAO optical observations
  80. GRB 221009A: Upper limits from HAWC 8 hours after trigger
  81. Swift/XRT discovery of multiple dust-scattering X-ray rings around GRB 221009A
  82. GRB 221009A (Swift J1913.1+1946): iTelescope optical observation
  83. GRB 221009A: BlackGEM optical observations
  84. LHAASO observed GRB 221009A with more than 5000 VHE photons up to around 18 TeV
  85. GRB 221009A: NOEMA mm detection
  86. GRB 221009A: Continued Swift/XRT observations
  87. GRB 221009A/Swift J1913.1+1946: Assy optical afterglow observation
  88. GRB 221009A/Swift J1913.1+1946: Lick/Nickel telescope optical observations
  89. Konus-Wind detection of GRB 221009A
  90. GRB 221009A: Lulin SLT-40cm optical observations
  91. GRB 221009A: Upper limits from a neutrino search with IceCube
  92. GRB 221009A (Swift J1913.1+1946): Burke-Gaffney Observatory optical observations
  93. GRB221009A/Swift J1913.1+1946: SRG/ART-XC observation
  94. GRB 221009A / Swift J1913.1+1946: GIT detection of the optical afterglow
  95. ​GRB 221009A: Multi-color detection of the optical
  96. GRB 221009A: Fermi-LAT refined analysis
  97. GRB 221009A (Swift J1913.1+1946): AGILE/GRID detection
  98. GRB 221009A or Swift J1913.1+1946: PRIME near-infrared detection
  99. GRB 221009A/Swift J1913.1+1946: AMI-LA observations
  100. GRB 221009A: REM optical and NIR detection of the afterglow


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