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GCN Circular 14800

GRB 130606A: LOAO IZY Observation
2013-06-07T08:34:27Z (11 years ago)
Myungshin Im at Seoul Nat U <>
M. Im (CEOU/SNU), H.-I. Sung(KASI), and Y. Urata (NCU) 
on behalf of EAFON

We observed the afterglow of GRB 130606A (Ukwatta et al. GCN 14781),
using a 1-m telescope at Mt. Lemmon Optical Observatory (LOAO) in
Arizona, US. The observation started at 2013-06-07 03:50:26 UT,
about 6.75 hrs after the burst alert, and a series of images were 
taken in I, Z, and Y-bands for about 1 hr.

We identify the afterglow, in all the three bands,
with approximate magnitudes of I = 20.8 +- 0.1, Z=18.70 +- 0.11,
and Y=18.49 +- 0.29, all in AB magnitude, calibrated against a star
in vicinity using SDSS and 2MASS photometry. This confirms 
earlier reports of the afterglow detection and its sharp drop in
SED between I-band and Z-band that is expected at z=5.91 
(Jelinek et al. GNC 14782; Xu et al.GCN 14783; Nagayama et al. GCN 14784; 
Virgili et al. 14785; Masi et al. GCN 14789; Leonini et al. GCN 14791; 
Sonbas et al., GCN 14797; Lunnan et al. GCN 14798; Castro-Tirado et al. 
GCN 14790; Butler et al. GCN 14799).

We thank the LOAO operator, Jae-Hyuk Yoon for performing 
the observation.
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