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GCN Circular 6293

GRB070412: Swift UVOT observations
2007-04-12T18:03:03Z (17 years ago)
Patricia Schady at MSSL/Swift <>
P. Schady (MSSL/PSU) and P.Romano (Univ. Bicocca & INAF-OAB) report on 
behalf of the Swift UVOT team:

  Swift/UVOT observed the field of GRB 070412 starting 97.6s after the 
BAT trigger. No new source is detected within the XRT refined position 
(GCN 6282) or at the position reported by Jelinek et al. (GCN 6279) and 
Berger et al. (GCN 6280) in any of the UVOT filters, in either single 
or co-added exposures. The 3-sigma upper limits for the co-added 
exposures in each filter are as follows:

Filter        T_mid       Exp.     Mag 3-sig UL
                     (s)           (s)
White       9252        936      20.55
V               17432     1769    20.52
B               5763        171      20.22
U               23567     1082    21.12
UVW1       23107     1284   20.52
UVM2       19141     1082   20.65
UVW2       14440     1195   20.94

where T_mid is the weighted mid time of the co-added images. The 
reported upper limits are uncorrected for the estimated Galactic 
reddening of E(B-V) = 0.02 mag.
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