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GCN Circular 4158

GRB 051022: WSRT Radio Detection
2005-10-24T13:38:25Z (19 years ago)
Alexander van der Horst at U of Amsterdam <>
A.J. van der Horst (University of Amsterdam), E. Rol (University of
Leicester) and R.A.M.J. Wijers (University of Amsterdam) report on behalf
of a larger collaboration:

"We observed the HETE GRB 051022 (GCN 4131) at 4.9 GHz with the Westerbork
Synthesis Radio Telescope on October 23 from 15.34 to 20.34 UT, i.e. 1.09
- 1.30 days after the burst. We detect a radio source with a flux density
of 270 +/- 30 microJy at the position of the bright radio source at 8.5
GHz (GCN 4154). This source is within the Swift XRT error box (GCN 4141),
and coincides with the sources A and B (GCN 4143) within our positional
errors. We also detect the bright nearby NVSS source northwest of the
likely GRB051022 afterglow (GCN 4154), with a flux density of 1382 +/- 30

Further observations are planned."

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