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Astrorivelatore Gamma a Immagini Leggero (AGILE)

AGILE logo

Launch Date: April 23, 2007

End of Operations: January 18, 2024 (GCN 35726)

Data Archive: AGILE Data Center

AGILE is a gamma-ray satellite from the Italian Space Agency with participation from INFN, INAF, and CIFS. It observes the high energy sky with two instruments and a calorimeter.

InstrumentsEnergy RangeField of View
SuperAGILE (SA)18 keV–60 keV> 1 ster
Gamma Ray Imaging Detector (GRID)30 MeV–50 GeV> 2.5 ster
Mini-Calorimeter (MCAL)350 keV–100 MeV

GCN Notice Types in GCN Classic and GCN Classic Over Kafka: Detailed Descriptions and Examples

AGILE_GRB_WAKEUPOn-board processing~30 minutes
AGILE_GRB_GROUNDGround processing1–2 hours
AGILE_GRB_REFINEDHumans in the loop~2–5 hours
AGILE_MCAL_ALERTGround processing of the MCAL triggers40–130 minutes

Common GCN Circular Types:

AGILE detection of a GRBhoursGRB 220527A
MCAL detection of a GRBhoursGRB 220323A
MCAL observation of a GW triggerhoursLIGO/Virgo S200129m

Yearly Trigger Rates:

SuperAGILEGamma-ray burst20–30
MCALGRB or GRB-like10–15
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