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SuperNova Early Warning System (SNEWS)

SNEWS logo

Start: 2004

Data Archives: GCN Classic

SNEWS is a consortium of MeV neutrino facilities which work together to distribute early warning alerts for core-collapse supernovae, reporting the neutrinos released during the collapse event before the first light of the supernova escapes.

Super-KamikandeWater Cherenkov detectors
IceCubeWater Cherenkov detectors
KM3NetWater Cherenkov detectors
KamLANDPure liquid scintillators
SNO+Pure liquid scintillators
NOvAPure liquid scintillators
HALOLead-based detection
XENONntLiquid noble dark matter detectors
LZLiquid noble dark matter detectors
PANDAX-4TLiquid noble dark matter detectors

GCN Notice Types in GCN Classic and GCN Classic Over Kafka: Detailed Descriptions and Examples

SNEWSREAL or TEST supernova alertMinutes

Yearly Event Rates:

SNEWSCore-collapse supernova0.035–360°
Test alert525–360°
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