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Monitor of All-sky X-ray Image (MAXI)

MAXI logo

Launch Date: June 11, 2008

Extended Mission Lifetime: 2024+ (Pending JAXA Review)

End of Operations: Limited by ISS lifetime, currently 2030

Data Archive: JAXA

MAXI is a wide-field X-ray telescope designed to perform an all-sky survey. MAXI was developed by JAXA; data processing and operations are conducted by JAXA, Riken, Osaka University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Aoyama Gakuin University, Nihon University, Kyoto University, Miyazaki University, and Chuo University.

InstrumentsEnergy RangeField of ViewLocalization
Solid-state Slit Camera (SSC)0.5 keV–10 keV90°x1.5°≤1° (statistical + systematic, 90%)
Gas Slit Camera (GSC)2 keV–30 keV160°x1.5°≤1° (statistical + systematic, 90%)

GCN Notice Types in GCN Classic and GCN Classic Over Kafka: Detailed Descriptions and Examples

MAXI_UNKNOWNSignal with no catalogued source200 minutes
MAXI_KNOWNSignal with a matched catalog source200 minutes
MAXI_TESTTest noticesn/a

Common GCN Circular Types:

Detection of a GRBhoursGRB 210320A
Observation of a GW triggerhoursLIGO/Virgo S191110af
Obersation of a NuEMdaysNuEm-210111A

MAXI Yearly Trigger Rates:

GSCGRB or unknown X-ray transient60-70
Known source20-25
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