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Super-Kamioka Neutrino Detection Experiment (Super-Kamiokande)

Super-Kamiokande logo

Start: 1996

Upgrade: 2028 to Hyper-Kamiokande

Data Archives: University of Tokyo

Super-Kamiokande, also known as Super-K or SK, is a neutrino observatory built by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture with a contribution from the US Department of Energy. Designed to understand the nature of neutrinos, Super-K is a leading detector in the search for MeV neutrino detections of core-collapse supernovae.

GCN Notice Types in GCN Classic and GCN Classic Over Kafka: Detailed Descriptions and Examples

SK_SNREAL or TEST supernova alert≤1 hour

Yearly Event Rates:

Super-KCore-collapse supernova0.035–10°
Test alert125–10°
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